Here are some lovely photographs of various historical buildings and sights around Wallingford, provided by Historical Society board member Lowell Klock.

View of Killington

Elfin Lake

Elfin Lake

Boy with the Boot

Old Stone Shop and First Congregational Church

Green Hill Cemetery

Fountain at Green Hill Cemetery

Wallingford Train Station

1955 IGA Grocery in East Wallingford

Wallingford Town Hall


7 responses to “Photographs

  1. Cathryn Vaine

    I am trying to find info on three families but getting no where they are the Rondo ,Bulley and Vaine we came up your way but not find out any info
    hope you can help

    • tammyheff

      Hi Cathryn, I will forward your email onto our president, Joyce Barbieri. If anyone can help you, she’s the one.


  2. Francis A Young

    Good Afternoon. I have a great, great, great-grandfather named Abijah Young. I have a book in which he apparently owned. Inside is a label that says “Abijah Young, Cabinet Maker, Wallingford, Vt.” Do you have record of a cabinet maker (ca. 1820-30) by the name of Abijah Young?

  3. Where exactly is Saint Patricks Cemetery located? Thought it was the one on 7 but apparently that is Green Hill cemetery?

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