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If you would like to join the Wallingford Historical Society and receive our quarterly newsletter please print out this page and mail it, together with your check made payable to “Wallingford Historical Society” to:

Wallingford Historical Society, Inc.

c/o Christine Bannerman

2586 West Hill Road

Wallingford, VT 05773




Type of membership requested:

$15 Family Membership _____

$12 Regular Membership ____

$100 Sustaining Membership (organization or businesses) _____

$250 Individual Lifetime Membership ______


Also available:

History of Wallingford by Walter Thorpe $20

Tracing the history of Wallingford from the early settlements of the Town (including East Wallingford and South Wallingford) Includes pictures of people and places that contributed to the town’s history up to 1912.

People of Wallingford by Birny C. Batcheller $25

Focusing on those people of Wallingford who have been prominent in town since the very beginning.

History of Sugar Hill by Gary Wade $10

Looking at the history of East Wallingford


13 responses to “Join Us

  1. Notice of the above change to postal address. No longer a Post Office Box but my physical address of 1598 US 7 S, Wallingford,05773

  2. Bill Schuster

    Hello. I’m in the process of doing research for a book that will detail how dozens of companies have now become one – Ames-True Temper. Of course, Wallingford played a big part of the early history of this industry.
    I am lacking any data on the date that True Temper closed the Wallingford plant & don’t know if they still have a wood handle plant there. Can you help? Thank you!

    • Marc

      Yes, the plant still makes wood handles. I am looking at it right now outside my window, as I live a block away. Every morning at 6:45 and again at 7:00 its whistle still blows to announce the start of the work day, and trucks loaded with logs arrive and depart regularly. My next door neighbor works maintenance there, so let me know if you have further questions and I can see what I can do to help.

      • tammyheff

        Marc, thanks so much for the information.

      • Hello…I have a teapot made by the Valentine & Linsley silver co. and I heard they might have been pocated there in Wallingford. Can you give me any information,or tell me where I might find it ? THANX

  3. Murray Williams

    Hello anyone in Wallingford with a long memory…..and an interest in birds..
    I am a New Zealand wildlife biologist who is researching the history of mallard duck introductions to my country. All roads appear to lead to Wallingford…and in particular to a gamefarm operated by C L Sibley. It was he that supplied 100 mallards that were railfreighted to San Francisco in 1937 and from there shipped across the Pacific to New Zealand….99 made it. he also supplied a set of 45 mallard eggs in 1941 that somehow reached New Zealand at this stressful time…half of which hatched. I have a number of questions relating to Mr Sibley’s operations at this gamefarm that I would appreciate being able to communicate to someone who may know about Mr Sibley or the gamefarm. Please respond to

    • hikeagiant2

      I, too, wonder if WHS has any info on C.L. Sibley and/or the Sunnyfields Rare Bird Farm. If so, what are your ‘open’ times? Much obliged.

      • hikeagiant2

        Oops – sorry – I just scoped out the entire blog – you’re Wallingford, VT not Wallingford, CT. Apologies.

  4. Donna Phillips

    I have an old wooden souvenir baseball bat that has the name “Wallingford Pirates” engraved on it. Don’t know what state it’s from – does anyone remember a local team using that name in the past? Thanks for any help.

  5. Hello,
    I recently found a hotel register / ledger from “The Hotel Belmont” later named “The Hotel Lincoln” of Wallingford. It was owned by a man named Charles Dowd. The register spans from the day they opened (1895) until the day they closed (1929). I did a web search or two or three and could not find much information about the hotel. Does anyone have any information about this place? I do not believe it is still standing as I saw an apartment complex on Google earth where I believe it once stood on N Cherry St.. It is a very interesting book and includes many signatures, some drawings and even someones wedding vows / proposal.
    Rob C

  6. John Gillooly

    Was there ever a restaurant back in 1965 in Wallingford on South Colony Road that served swordfish dinners or seafood plates?????

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